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Whether hunting, fishing, or camping, you're not fully equipped unless you have a knife. Not only are knives important pieces of survival gear (many survivalists consider them among them among the most important tool to have) but they are great all around tools to have in any outdoor situation.


Whatever your specific needs, we can help guide you to the type of knife that is strong, reliable, and will best suit your specific needs.

Knives for hunting, survival, and more!

• Winchester

• K-Bar

• Schrade

• Smith and Wesson  

• Bear and Son Cutlery

Knives you can pass on to your children

Truly great knives are built to last the test of time, even after constant use out in the field. You will find we take great pride in selling only the absolute highest quality of knife.

The brands of knives you can rely on

When you need a new knife, why not trust our nearly 3 decades of experience to guide you to the perfect fit?

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Our staff has over

125 years of combined

experience in the

firearms industry!